About Us

What are the things that we do?

“Carers are unique and so too are their needs. With this mind we aim to provide a service that meets you individual needs.”

Glasgow East End Community Carers has been providing support to carers in the East End of Glasgow since 1991. The organisation was originally formed by a group of local people who had experience of having to care for someone and they recognised that many individual carers needed support, advice and information to allow them to continue in their caring role

The original organisation comprised of a Carers Centre providing support to unpaid carers in the East End but it was quickly recognised that carers also needed a break from their caring role and a small respite/befriending service was established through grant funding in 1998. This operates as a social enterprise.

The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors many of whom are carers.

The organisation has gone through many changes and today has two distinct areas of operation:

  • Carers Hub – This is a new service launched in 1st of May 2016. Although this is a new project it evolved from the original service with over 20 years of experience of providing carers services in our local community. We recognise that carers may care for someone for many years and that both the carers’ needs and the needs of the person they look after will change over time. Our aim is therefore to provide carers with the appropriate advice, skills and ongoing support needed to continue to care. We achieve this by offering carers and the person they care for access to a range of activities, groups and services to promote improved health and wellbeing, reduce isolation and stress and build capacity and resilience.

  • Homecare Service – The Homecare Service has also evolved and developed over the years and today provides care and support in excess of 1500 hours per week to service users living in the North East. The service currently employs over 60 care workers supervised and managed by the Homecare Management Team. The service provides a range of support including assistance with personal care, shopping and housework, medication support, palliative care, care and support for people with LTCs and complex care needs, a school escort service and care and support for children and young people with disabilities and complex needs.